Mary McFadzean

Nickname: A few people call me "Maz"
Married/single/children? Single
Where do you live? A little hamlet near Exeter, Devon
Describe yourself in two words... smiley, determined

Best achievement in cycling: I think a top ten finish in my first national road race.
Biggest influence on your cycling career: lots of people but especially my family and my coach and all the people in my first cycling club.
Best experience on a bike: My first race
Worst experience on bike: Dartmoor with no food

Favourite place to ride: Newport Velodrome, Isle of Arran in Scotland or the Lowman Valley.
Favourite rider: Joanna Rowsell
Best cycling invention: Turbo trainer
Hobbies outside cycling: Horse riding. Going to the gym

In a movie about your life who would play you? Umm Gemma Arterton. No similarities at all I just really like her
Favourite music/band/musician: The Lumineers but I like lots of different music
Favourite food: Food in general
Favourite film: Taken or Skyfall or the Imitation Game but it changes regularly
Favourite TV programme: Sherlock as long as it isn’t too scary
Favourite comedian: I don’t really have one but I used to love Dawn French in the Vicar of Dibley.