Linda Young

Nickname: Linds or Lindy
Married/single/children? I work with lots of young people every day. It's great
Where do you live? In a pretty village in Leicestershire. I can hop on my bike and be out in the countryside in 5 minutes.
Describe yourself in two words... choco-holic

Best achievement in cycling: Getting my first win at a mountain bike race last year
Biggest influence on your cycling career: My coach and the Geoffrey Butler Team
Best experience on a bike: Cycling up Mont Ventoux and reaching the top: "If you’re lucky enough to be in the mountains, you’re lucky enough".
Worst experience on bike: The Fred Whitton Challenge in the pouring rain. More specifically: Hardknott Pass... let’s just say it was interesting.

Favourite place to ride: Italy
Favourite rider: Marianne Vos. A truly inspirational rider
Best cycling invention: Garmin 500, sometimes I love it, sometimes not (please tell me I’ve cycled further than that in 3+ hours!!)
Hobbies outside cycling: Photography (I’ve had a few exhibitions), art, music (I play piano and guitar), films and reading. Also off road running, rock climbing, skiing, yoga, hiking (cycling obviously comes first!) and travelling.

In a movie about your life who would play you? My sister
Favourite music/band/musician: Difficult that one as listen to lots...rediscovered Jamiroquai recently and am listening to that in my car, also listen to Planet Rock quite a bit when I’m on the turbo (either that or dance music).
Favourite food: Roast dinner
Favourite film: Hobbit films
Favourite TV programme: Grand Designs (Kevin McCloud’s monologue at the end of the programme sums it up so perfectly, e.g ‘this pile of mud was a nightmare to build but it’s a thing of ingenuity because...’).
Favourite comedian: Michael McIntyre and that little squirrel at the start of Ice Age films

Tell us a secret you have told no-one else: Not really a secret but I’ve taken part in bull riding at a rodeo in Western Australia