Team GB Cycles

Katharine Broadbent

Nickname: Kat
Married/single/children? Living with boyfriend Andy
Where do you live? Surrey
Describe yourself in two words... Sweet Tooth

Best achievement in cycling: Winning my first crit.
Biggest influence on your cycling career: Durham University Cycling Club and great riding in the North East of England.
Best experience on a bike: Descending any of the big mountains in Costa Blanca.
Worst experience on a bike: Bonked and cold on a winter ride in the Pennines.

Favourite place to ride: County Durham.
Favourite rider: Peter Sagan.
Best cycling invention: 11speed.
Hobbies outside cycling: Geology and Football.)

Favourite music/band/musician: Enjoying Keaton Heston at the moment.
Favourite food: Baked Beans.
Favourite TV programme: Sherlock is descent